Why Invest

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Capitalizing on Strong Market Trends and Explosive Growth in Wireless

  • Well positioned to participate in high-growth wireless opportunities (build-out of 5G, FirstNet build-out/construction, increased wireless prevalence in IoT)
  • Benefitting from public carrier market growth
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Implementing Aggressive Business Development Activities

  • Expanding service offerings with strong customer appeal 
  • Broadening VAR & Integrator customer base 
  • Opening new channels (e.g. Big Box Retailers and E-Commerce) 
  • Adding new industry-leading vendor partners 
  • Enhancing go-to-market strategy
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Expanding Margin Growth Potential

  • Focusing on driving enhanced profitability 
  • Driving cost-savings and productivity initiatives 
  • Leveraging high-margin proprietary Ventev® products 
  • Capitalizing on a scalable operating model 
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Compelling Dividend Yield

  • High dividend yield 
  • Consistent quarterly dividend paid to shareholders

About Tessco

For more than three decades Tessco has been at the forefront of the evolving wireless industry. As the world becomes increasingly connected and moves towards the next generation of technology: 5G, IoT, and all the applications that come with it. We remain positioned as an integral part of the industry and poised for success. Thanks to relationships with more than 350 of the biggest brands in wireless and a customer base of tens of thousands purchasing each month, we deliver consistent success for all our stakeholders. Our team of experts in network design, supply chain services, sales, and marketing allow us to deliver a comprehensive set of solutions unmatched among our competitors, going beyond what’s in the box to stake our claim as the most advanced value-added distributor in the wireless industry.